Monday, February 17, 2014

These companies want their staff to watch the Olympics at work

Published Tuesday, Feb. 11 2014

Ah, the Olympics! A great time for countries to come together, and rally around their athletes. The article I happened upon, shows how amazing Canadians and Canadian businesses are during the Olympics. Three major sponsors of Canadian athletes, not only promote watching the Olympics, but also taking in as much as possible, on work time. If you happen to work for Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Tire Corp., or Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., you could be doing just that. "Nearly every Canadian Tire office has set up a viewing lounge, where employees can catch CBC’s coverage of the Games while relaxing in beanbag chairs and enjoying refreshments. The lounges have also been decked out with Canadian flags and team gear"(Jared Lindzon, Globe&Mail, 2014). I really think this is great, it feels so good to unify ourselves and cheer for the home team. I would encourage you to have a look at the article and read some of the contests these companies held for employees to win a chance to go to Sochi, Russia. It is like 'social responsibility' for the employees. Well done Canadian Tire.


  1. This article is awesome Isaac! I had no idea companies were setting up viewing areas for their employees. The Olympics is such a great time for our Country to unify and show the love we have for our athletes. As long as the employees were using the viewing time wisely, I think this is a great idea for businesses. More companies should let employees catch a glimpse of the games if time allows for it.

  2. I agree that this is very heart warming! It is extremely important for companies to treat their employees well, and using the Olympics to do so is a great business decision! The Olympics are such an important event that brings the entire world together in peace and fun!
    I know that you (Isaac) would probably love to be able to watch the games while in class; we, at least, have enough breaks to catch a glimpse! People at work do not have this luxury!
    My only concern would be employees taking advantage of this. As long as they are getting their work done, are not slacking off, and are using their time wisely (as Brianna said) than I see no problem with allowing employees to catch up on the Olympics!

  3. Personally, I am not a real big fan of the Olympics, but I think it's fantastic that Canadian Businesses who help sponsor the Olympics would promote viewing, even on company time. I agree with Isaac that this is "Social Responsibility" for the employees, because like the president of Canadian Tire said “The Olympics bring together the entire country, and they bring together our employees, and our employees are rightly proud of our sponsorship of the team.”